Sacramento Recorder Society January Newsletter

Dear SRS members and friends,   Here’s the January newsletter.  I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful and musical holiday season!  I’m looking forward to 2016.  Our SRS year is just getting started and we have months and months of music-making to look forward to!   See you on January 5th (chapter meeting with Greta!!) and the 9th (Winter Party!).  Happy Holidays!   Patty Johnson

Jan 16 Newsletter.pdf


The December Newsletter

Dear SRS members and friends,   Here’s the newsletter for December.  You’ll also find a flyer for the Winter Party attached and this year’s membership form.  See you on December 1st !  Patty Johnson, Sacramento Recorder Society newsletter editor

Dec 15 Newsletter.pdf
Winter Party 2016.pdf
SRS memb form 15-16.pdf

Sacramento Recorder Society October Newsletter

Dear Recorder Society members and friends,  Looking forward to crisp air and fall colors, and( dare I say it?) rain!!  Here’s the latest newsletter and also the 2015-2016 membership form.  If you have been meaning to join, now’s the time!  See you soon,  Patty

srs memb form 15 16

Oct 15 Newsletter

The September Sacramento Recorder Society Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Lots of news in this newsletter! We have introductions from our new co-presidents, Susan and Gail, a remembrance of a former SRS member, and interesting background information about the music we’ll be playing in the chapter meeting. And since it’s September, it’s time to become a dues-paying member once again! Attached to this email is the 2015-2016 membership form. Since there was so much other information in the newsletter this time, the membership reminder is all the way back on page 4. Buried. Hidden. So as you read the news letter, pay attention on page 4! There it is, all those benefits of membership!! Print out the attached membership form, fill it out completely, and send it with a check to Dori$ Loughner, our treasurer; or you can give her the form and your money at the September meeting. The music this month sounds like it’s going to be great! You’ll get some PDFs from Mark in a few days, so be sure to print out what you need or ask someone to print the music for you. See you on September 1st!

Patty Johnson, SRS newsletter editor

Sept 15 Newsletter.pdf

SRS memb form 15-16.pdf