Mountain Collegium

Dear Friend of Mountain Collegium,

We are pleased to announce 2021 Mountain Collegium Early Music & Folk Music Workshop. This summer’s offerings are outstanding and we hope you will join us for our virtual workshop Tuesday, June 29 through Saturday, July 3. Multiple class options each day, along with the John Trexler Folk Lecture and the Faculty Concert, make for a week full of fun music-making! Classes will be presented online through Zoom.

This year we will offer a special program for emerging recorder players. This is perfect for folks who picked up the recorder over the past year or two, or for those who have taken a break from playing and need to dust off some cobwebs. These classes are full of great technique and playing tips that benefit recorder players on ALL levels, so others can also select these classes. Anne Timberlake, Gwyn Roberts, Jody Miller, and Phil Hollar all team up to help nudge you to the next level!

Keyboard players should also check out Barb Weiss’s Harpsichord Lab, which will cover dynamics, articulation, figure reading, and more!

And, as always, renowned viol, recorder, brass, and folk teachers who have put together a great mix of class topics!

You can find ALL the fine faculty by clicking HERE.

Check out our website for the class offerings and special package discounts for the Weeklong Pass, Emerging Recorder program, and Harpsichord Lab. Visit us at

We hope you join us this summer!

Jody Miller, Director
Mountain Collegium Early Music & Folk Music Workshop

Jody Miller

1029 Hedge Lane NE
Marietta, GA 30066 USA

MC Course Offerings 2021.pdf

San Francisco Recorder Society Workshop April 25

Colorful rivers of music by Gilles Binchois, Guillaume de Machaut, Magister Egidius, Francesco Landini, Henry Purcell, Johann Schop, and Benjamin Thorn… all flowing under the direction of Rotem Gilbert and Hanneke van Proosdij

Sunday, April 25, 20219:00 am to 12:30 pm Pacific Time
(10:00 Mountain, 11:00 Central, 12:00 Eastern).

Online, via Zoom. Check-in begins 15 minutes before.

$40 for the whole workshop, $25 for half day (9:00 to 10:45 or 11:00 to 12:30)

Click HERE for the registration form and further information.

Amherst Early Music classes

Greetings friends,

Tish Berlin would like to let you know about some great music Zoom events coming up this weekend.

First, the Amherst Early Music Spring Break Workshop, normally held in person in Washington, D.C., will be held online this year. We have a great line-up of classes for recorders, viols, and lutes with faculty including Frances Blaker, me, Saskia Coolen, Valerie Horst and Wendy Powers, Tom Beets, Brent Wissick, Patricia Ann Neely, John Moran, Chris Morrongiello, and Douglas Freundlich. You can see the classes at the link just below, and you’ll be able to register starting at 5:00 pm Eastern today:

As part of the AEM Spring Break workshop, you can attend the following free events:

Saturday March 20 at 5 pm Eastern: attend a forum with composers Frances Blaker, Melika Fitzhugh, and Eric Haas, moderated by me. I look forward to talking with these composers and hearing some of their music for recorders, and will welcome your questions as well.

Sunday March 21 at 6:00 pm Eastern: AEM Spring Break faculty concert! Sit back and relax while listening to the faculty play music by Bach, Sieg, Telemann, Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde, and much more!

Second, the American Recorder Society is celebrating Play the Recorder Month with a very special event on Saturday – an interview and Q&A with Melika Fitzhugh (big day for her!) and a play-along of her ARS PTRM piece, Transparent Letters Across the Sky. This will be an hour-long event starting at 2 pm Eastern. The webinar will be recorded in its entirety, and posted to the ARS YouTube channel for future viewing. Register by going to the link here:

Best wishes to all,


Letitia Berlin



Workshop Series -Improvisation with Emily O’Brien

Hello Everyone,
I hope you’re enjoying the beginnings of spring weather!
I’d like to invite you to join me for my next online workshop series, all about various aspects of playing what *isn’t* on the page in front of you. We are often convinced that the talent for improvising is something you have to be born with. But that’s not the case!
”Improvising” actually encompasses a wide variety of skills and styles, and you can most definitely learn and improve at them. And while you’re at it, you also learn more ways of thinking about the music that *is* on the page, too!  
Register Online
In this series, we’ll take a systematic look at various aspects of improvising. These skills are often overlooked, but they’re a really important aspect of ornamenting Baroque sonatas, understanding diminution pieces such as those by Van Eyck or in the Division Flute, playing in English Country Dance bands, and understanding pieces with ground basses such as chaconnes or passacaglias. They’re also really helpful in writing your own arrangements or creating your own duets with a friend.


If you joined me for the Theory series, the exercises we’ll go through in this series are a great way to put some of those concepts into practice.

You can enjoy this workshop at any skill level, but you’ll get the most out of it if you have at least an intermediate level of proficiency at some instrument or voice.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or requests for future topics!

I hope to see you in person sometime soon!
Emily O’Brien


Amherst Early Music Online

Hi everyone,

I hope you can join me on Saturday, for “Playing our Way through Terpsichore.” We’ll work on three types of bransles, a courante, a canary, and the Spanish Pavane, including Michael Praetorius’ variations on this famous tune.

And there is also Dorothy Olsson and Peggy Murray’s dance class on Saturday, “Playing Our Way Through Terpsichore!” Learning how to dance these dances is a great way to really understand the music of Terpsichore.

With best wishes,

Letitia Berlin

Play the Recorder Month

Dear Recorder Fans,

Here’s the latest information about the events coming up for Play the Recorder Month. I am forwarding this message from the British Columbia Recorder Society (BCRS); it has a lot dates and times and links to resources. I hope we have some SRS members who will take the challenge and enter the photo contest! Here is the forwarded email message, consider yourself an unofficial honorary BCRS member!

Did you know that March 2021 all over North America is Play-the-Recorder Month? And did you also know that BCRS has joined forces with recorder societies up and down the West Coast to create events to celebrate? We’re all about teamwork at BCRS!

First is our BCRS contest, #WePlayRecorder

We’re asking recorder players from anywhere (not just North America), to submit photos, videos, or memes showing the recorder out in the world. It’s all about raising recorder awareness and encouraging folks to give it a try.

The competition is now open and ends on March 20, 2021. Then you, and everyone in our community, have the opportunity to blind vote for your top three favourites. Winners will be announced on March 29, 2021 via email. Of course, we have prizes and they’re for anyone anywhere. Specific details noted here.

Second, Portland Recorder Society has gone virtual for their 2021 Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat on March 20th and 21st. Six sessions with topics that you have yet to see anywhere else. You’ll find it hard to choose, so why not register for all six? And, in 2022, when we’re back face-to-face, consider a trip for this fabulous retreat.

Third, Seattle Recorder Society is hosting on March 6th at 1pm a 90 minute virtual rehearsal for the ARS commissioned piece Transparent Letters Across the Sky. Vicki Boeckman will lead the session. Find the details here and be ready to play with the ARS on March 20th! (Note that you will need to join ARS to download the music for this event).

And finally, the ARS is gathering everyone together on March 20th for an en masse virtual “orchestra” performance of Transparent Letters Across the Sky. Composer Melika M. Fitzhugh will also lead a lecture on modern composition for the recorder and the use of extended techniques. Further details here. (Note that you will need to join ARS to download the music for this event).

Tish Berlin Classes: Trills, Bach, and Ars Subtilior!


Please see attached PDF with my class descriptions for Tuesdays on February 16, 23 and March 2 and 9, and a one-time class with members of Calextone on Friday February 19th.

I hope you can join me! And don’t forget to check out the Amherst Early Music Online schedule for this weekend and all of February, at

With best wishes,

Letitia Berlin

Zoom music classes with TIsh in February:March 2021.pdf

Tibia Recorder Duo’s Practice Challenge #22


Please read on for your invitation to join Tibia Recorder Duo (Tish Berlin and Frances Blaker) for our 22nd Practice Challenge. We start on Monday January 18th and finish on Sunday February 28th. We hope you’ll join us!

Letitia Berlin and Frances Blaker
Tibia Recorder Duo

January 9, 2021

Dear fellow musicians,
In this time of COVID-19, getting together to make music with others is too risky, but we all need music more than ever! During Practice Challenges # 17 to 21 (the first five PCs during almost-national shelter-in-place orders) there was a wonderful sense of community with our fellow practicers. We want to keep that sense of community going! We hope you’ll join Tibia Recorder Duo in our quest to make practicing recorder (or any other instrument, or voice) a part of everyday life for six weeks. Even a five-minute practice session counts, so don’t be daunted! We are here to help and encourage!

#22: A Practice Challenge for Extraordinary Times
Monday, January 18th – Sunday, February 28, 2021

Tier 1 is free and is designed to provide a community of practicers (that’s you!) with:

  • Inspirational messages once a week from Tish & Frances!
  • As incentive and accountability, you can opt to email us weekly check-in reports. (We read them all, but can’t respond to them all – there are just too many of you!)
  • Participation in the private member-led group email exchange. This part is also optional, but we love this part of the Practice Challenge – participants always ask great questions and receive helpful support from the group. We use for this forum.

Tier 2 is a paid tier – the fee is $32. Tier 2 participants receive all of the benefits of Tier 1 AND:

  • Can email us with questions as part of their weekly check-in report, and we can answer them!
  • Practice materials! The materials we send are not homework and you can use them as you see fit. Those of you who have your own materials to work on may wish to use the PC materials as supplemental material, save them for later, or just to play for fun!
  • Access to our play-along videos – we play trios minus one, so you can play along with us. You’ll have access to the music in advance, with markings for phrasing and articulation. Every other week you’ll receive two trio-minus-one videos – one geared toward more advanced players and one toward less advanced players. For alternate weeks, see next item.
  • Barbara Weiss, harpsichordist, will provide play-along continuo recordings on alternate weeks. For Practice Challenge #22 we’ll be focusing on dance movements by French Baroque composers geared toward the more advanced players, and on dances from the 1612 Terpsichore publication geared toward the less advanced players. Barbara can also provide tailored recordings for you – contact her privately at harpsichordweiss to inquire about her rates.

Click here to register for Tier 1 or Tier 2!

We hope you will join us at one of these two levels. As always, please reply to this email or contact us at our website if you have any questions.

If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, your registration or payment did not go through. Please contact us for help at tibiarecorderduo or try again.

Now, let the practicing begin!

Musically yours,
Tish & Frances

Letitia Berlin and Frances Blaker
Tibia Recorder Duo
visit us on Facebook!

Tips to Help you Navigate the Practice Challenge Google Site for Registration and Payment

  1. Go to It’s probably better to do this on a laptop or desktop, but it should also work on a tablet. If you have trouble, use a different browser, such as Chrome, DuckDuckGo, or others.
  1. Fill in the requested information, then click “Next”. You may need to scroll back up to the top of the next page. You may also need to move your cursor around the screen to bring up the necessary forms.
  1. If you selected Tier 2, you’ll be asked for more information. Fill in your request if you have one. Click on “Submit”. Once again, you’ll need to scroll back up to find the “Submit” button.
  1. If you selected Tier 1 you will be taken to a page that confirms your registration.
  1. If you selected Tier 2, scroll to the bottom of the page for the payment information. We have removed the PayPal button because too many people couldn’t make it work before. Please use one of the options (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, or check) listed on the registration page.

If paying by check, please mail to Tish Berlin and Frances Blaker at 806 Washington Ave., Albany CA 94706. Your name will be added to Tier 2 when your check arrives.

Tibia Recorder Duo
Letitia Berlin and Frances Blaker

January Zoom music classes with Tish Berlin


Here is some information about classes in January. I hope you can join me!

With best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday,

Tish Berlin’s Zoom classes January 12, 19, and 26, 2020

1.The Trill of the Baroque II
Tuesday January 12, 19, and 26, 10:00 am – 11:30 pm Pacific/1:00 – 2:30 pm Eastern.
Each Tuesday we’ll drill Baroque trill fingerings and other essential ornaments, then work on Baroque duets to practice the trills in context. For intermediate to upper intermediate recorders.Pitch: A=440

2. Susanne and the Elders: Settings from the 16th Century
Tuesday January 12, 19, and 26, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Pacific/4:30 – 6:00 pm Eastern.
One of the greatest tunes of all time, Susanne un jour, uses a poem by Guillaume Guéroult to tell the story of Susannah from the Book of Daniel (an addition to the book in Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches). The story of the persecuted Susannah struck a chord with composers and painters alike, so we’ll accompany our music with brief visits to paintings by Artemisia Gentileschi, Tintoretto, Jacopo Bassano, and others. We will explore the original polyphonic composition by Didier Lupi Second, and subsequent settings by Orlande de Lassus, Claude Le Jeune, Cipriano de Rore, and Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, and part of Lassus’ Mass based on the chanson. For upper intermediate to advanced recorders.Pitch: A=440.

HOW TO PAY Payment: $25 per individual class (take one Susanne ung jour class, pay $25, take two Susanne ung jour classes, pay $50, etc.) Electronic payment is preferred, but checks are also accepted. Please make Canadian checks out in US dollars and have a US bank name and address printed on the check. Visit to learn how to register and pay.

January Zoom classes.pdf


Alasdair Fraser New Year Workshop and Ceilidh

Alasdair Fraser’s Annual Community Music Workshop & Ceilidh

an online gathering to kick off the New Year

Bring an instrument or just come for the craic!

Saturday, JANUARY 2, 2021, 1:00-6:30pm, Pacific time

A “zoom” event, open to registrants only



1:30-3:30 pm WORKSHOP with Alasdair Fraser
We’ll explore a few tunes relevant to a good Scottish New Year celebration

3:30-4:30 pm BREAK & BLETHER

4:30-6:30 pm CEILIDH hosted by Summer McCall
Alasdair will gather us for a toast to the old year and a moment of remembrance.
Summer McCall will lead us into the ceilidh with a few virtual social dances,
and welcome participants to share a song/tune/poem/story, etc.

We’ll have some lovely listening time, as well as a festive frolic.


Advance registration only.
Family/Household $35, General/Single $20, Student/Youth $10


This event is sponsored by Alasdair Fraser’s Sierra Fiddle Camp
and underwritten by the Sierra Fiddle Village Fund
of the non-profit organization Scottish Fiddlers of California.