February 2021 Newsletter

Dear Recorder Lovers!

I debated writing “Lovers,” but it is February after all! Be sure to check out the information in the newsletter about Play the Recorder Month and online workshops and classes. There are quite a few interesting choices. In my letter from the editor I included links to some short and delightful recorder YouTube videos. Our conductor this month is “our” conductor, recruited by SRS, Alexa Haynes-Pilon. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on February 17th.

Stay safe! Patty Johnson, SRS newsletter editor

February 2021 newsletter.pdf

January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 newsletter.pdf

Dear Early Music Friends,  

I hope this finds you all well! I am doing fine myself (fingers crossed!).  In reference to yesterday’s events, I saw a post that said, “This seven day free trial of 2021 is not working out for me.  I want to cancel my subscription!”  Fortunately, the elector count is now done.  On to more cheerful musical things! I have included quite a few online musical resources in this newsletter. And I just received the following description from Vicki Boeckman for next Wednesday’s music and thought I’d share it here.

“I am honored to be on the impressive lineup of guest conductors, and excited to lead your January 13th session. My intent is to share joyful music that uplifts and enlivens. We will start with a simple yet lovely Danish hymn to ring in the new year: “Vær Velkommen Herrens År”, roughly translated as “We Welcome you, Year of the Lord”. If there are any Danes out there, I encourage you to sing along at the top of your voices! Of course anyone may sing, but the text flows best in Danish. 

We will then play one of my absolute all-time favorite pieces for the new year; the gorgeous Andante Festivo by Jean Sibelius, tastefully transcribed by Charles Coldwell. Originally written for string quartet in 1922, Sibelius re-scored it in 1938 for orchestra and timpani (for a grandiose flourish on the final 4 measures), and conducted the premier in a direct radio broadcast on New Year’s Day 1939.

After all that gorgeousness we’ll need to pep things up a bit, so I have chosen a delightful arrangement of a medieval Saltarello by Seattle Recorder Society’s director emeritus Peter Seibert. I’m sure you all will recognize the familiar tune, and I guarantee Peter’s clever harmonies will bring a smile to even the weariest of souls.

For skiers and snow lovers out there we will end with the zippy “Down the Piste” from Benjamin Britten’s picturesque Alpine Suite, enabling players oodles of opportunities to practice double tonguing diddles or duhguhs. 

Pitch for the evening will be 440 or thereabouts (!) Please choose any size recorder that you like. I will be sharing sound files so you will have the experience of playing in a virtual ensemble, but due to the varying degrees of latency there is no way that scrolling or page turning will ever be ‘just right’ for everyone, so I find it most successful if folks print and read from their own parts. (or download to a separate device).”

Sounds great, right?  I’m looking forward to seeing you (in your square!) next Wednesday,  

Patty Johnson, SRS newsletter editor

December 2020

Dear Early Music Friends,

There’s some good stuff in this newsletter!  Two free holiday playing sessions, coming right up Thursday, December 3 and Sunday, December 6.  Be sure to get the links and music ahead of time (today would be good!) so you will be ready to party! While I have your attention…I plan to put together a January newsletter, so please send me anything you think might be of interest to our members.  Some ideas:  virtual concerts and workshops, what you have been doing musically during Covid, musical resolutions and hopes for the New Year (2021 will be better!). Thank you to Alex Ives for Martha’s obituary; a musical life well-lived.

Happy Holidays!     Patty Johnson, SRS newsletter editor

December 2020 newsletter.pdf

October 2020 Newsletter

Dear Recorder Friends,

When I started putting this newsletter together, it grew until it was indeed a full-fledged newsletter. I am attaching another membership form. If you haven’t joined yet, get that check in the mail! We are enthused about the potential of virtual concerts and workshops. Yes, nothing will replace live music, but the cloud breaks down international boundaries and other travel barriers! Looking forward to a calmer 2021, and hoping by the end of next year we will be able to get together again in person.

Stay safe!

Patty Johnson,

SRS newsletter editor

October 2020 newsletter.pdf

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September 2020 Newsletter

Dear Early Music Friends,

Attached you will find a newsletter describing the Sacramento Recorder Society’s plans for the coming season. The board is excited about the conductors we will be able to experience this year! You will also find the membership form for this year. Please fill it out and send it, with a check, to Dori$ Loughner, our treasurer.

We look forward to staying in touch with you and making music together even in these challenging times.

Patty Johnson < pijohnso1 >, SRS newsletter editor

The PDFs of music for each Zoom session will be emailed several days before the meeting so there will be plenty of time to look over the music and print whatever parts you want to play. The link to the Zoom meeting will also be emailed at that time, along with instructions for joining a Zoom meeting.

Several of our members have participated in multiple Zoom sessions this summer sponsored by SFEMS, Amherst Early Music, and Early Music America. We keep coming back for more because it’s educational and fun! In addition to partnering with the San Francisco Recorder Society we are also in the process of developing a partnership with the East Bay Recorder Society in order for us to have access to an even greater variety of professional directors. There will be a wealth of opportunities to learn and play this season for our members! Although, because of the pandemic, there will not be any in-person sessions this season, we’ll have the opportunity to learn from a wider selection of Early Music Professionals than we’ve ever had before since geography is no longer a barrier.

Please be aware that these opportunities are only available to members of the Sacramento Recorder Society. If you have been receiving emails with attached music in past years, but are not a paid-up member, you will not continue to receive these messages. So please download the membership form, fill it out, and send it with a check to Doris at the address on the form.


Mark Schiffer < marschif >, SRS Vice-President

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The May Sort-of-a-Newsletter

Dear Recorder Friends,

I’m surely missing our monthly meetings. So disappointing not to see all of you and Greta and Alexa. I’m sure you have been finding some fun and worthwhile things to do at home; here are a few additional suggestions. We’ll be in touch when we know if it might be possible to get together in June. We’re a smaller group (thumbs up!), but a demographically older group (thumbs down, darn); we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, stay safe! Play or listen to something beautiful!

Patty Johnson, SRS newsletter editor

May 2020 newsletter.pdf

March 2020 Newsletter

Dear Early Music friends,

Here it is!  Are you starting to get excited about summer workshops?  I have included information on the San Francisco Early Music Society Workshops.  Let me know if there are others I should include in next month’s newsletter.  Madrigals with Arthur Omura on March 3…Hope to see you there!

Patty Johnson, SRS newsletter editor

March 2020 newsletter.pdf

January 2020 Newsletter

Dear Early Music friends,

Here it is!  The January Chapter meeting and our Winter Party are a great way to start the new year right.  Also, a little reminder:  Have you been enjoying meetings without becoming a member this year?  Uh-oh!  Please see Doris at the January meeting and rectify your status by joining!!  We depend on dues to pay for our conductors and our use of the Friends Meetinghouse. You can download the membership form below.

Still looking for Soupe volunteers for the Winter Party!  Please email me with your soupe plans, even if you haven’t completely decided on the soupe recipe.

Happy New Year!
Patty Johnson, SRS newsletter editor

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January 2020 newsletter.pdf

December 2019 Newsletter


Dear Early Music friends,

Here are the newsletter and a flyer for the Winter Party.  Please do plan to let me know about Soupe at the December meeting.  It’s always nice to have plans in place!  I’m also attaching a charming bit of dancing for your enjoyment.  Alas, we will not be doing this at the party.  See you on the 3rd,

Patty Johnson,  SRS newsletter editor


December 2019 newsletter.pdf
Winter Party Flyer 2020.pdf