Amherst Early Music classes

Greetings friends,

Tish Berlin would like to let you know about some great music Zoom events coming up this weekend.

First, the Amherst Early Music Spring Break Workshop, normally held in person in Washington, D.C., will be held online this year. We have a great line-up of classes for recorders, viols, and lutes with faculty including Frances Blaker, me, Saskia Coolen, Valerie Horst and Wendy Powers, Tom Beets, Brent Wissick, Patricia Ann Neely, John Moran, Chris Morrongiello, and Douglas Freundlich. You can see the classes at the link just below, and you’ll be able to register starting at 5:00 pm Eastern today:

As part of the AEM Spring Break workshop, you can attend the following free events:

Saturday March 20 at 5 pm Eastern: attend a forum with composers Frances Blaker, Melika Fitzhugh, and Eric Haas, moderated by me. I look forward to talking with these composers and hearing some of their music for recorders, and will welcome your questions as well.

Sunday March 21 at 6:00 pm Eastern: AEM Spring Break faculty concert! Sit back and relax while listening to the faculty play music by Bach, Sieg, Telemann, Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde, and much more!

Second, the American Recorder Society is celebrating Play the Recorder Month with a very special event on Saturday – an interview and Q&A with Melika Fitzhugh (big day for her!) and a play-along of her ARS PTRM piece, Transparent Letters Across the Sky. This will be an hour-long event starting at 2 pm Eastern. The webinar will be recorded in its entirety, and posted to the ARS YouTube channel for future viewing. Register by going to the link here:

Best wishes to all,


Letitia Berlin



Play the Recorder Month

Dear Recorder Fans,

Here’s the latest information about the events coming up for Play the Recorder Month. I am forwarding this message from the British Columbia Recorder Society (BCRS); it has a lot dates and times and links to resources. I hope we have some SRS members who will take the challenge and enter the photo contest! Here is the forwarded email message, consider yourself an unofficial honorary BCRS member!

Did you know that March 2021 all over North America is Play-the-Recorder Month? And did you also know that BCRS has joined forces with recorder societies up and down the West Coast to create events to celebrate? We’re all about teamwork at BCRS!

First is our BCRS contest, #WePlayRecorder

We’re asking recorder players from anywhere (not just North America), to submit photos, videos, or memes showing the recorder out in the world. It’s all about raising recorder awareness and encouraging folks to give it a try.

The competition is now open and ends on March 20, 2021. Then you, and everyone in our community, have the opportunity to blind vote for your top three favourites. Winners will be announced on March 29, 2021 via email. Of course, we have prizes and they’re for anyone anywhere. Specific details noted here.

Second, Portland Recorder Society has gone virtual for their 2021 Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat on March 20th and 21st. Six sessions with topics that you have yet to see anywhere else. You’ll find it hard to choose, so why not register for all six? And, in 2022, when we’re back face-to-face, consider a trip for this fabulous retreat.

Third, Seattle Recorder Society is hosting on March 6th at 1pm a 90 minute virtual rehearsal for the ARS commissioned piece Transparent Letters Across the Sky. Vicki Boeckman will lead the session. Find the details here and be ready to play with the ARS on March 20th! (Note that you will need to join ARS to download the music for this event).

And finally, the ARS is gathering everyone together on March 20th for an en masse virtual “orchestra” performance of Transparent Letters Across the Sky. Composer Melika M. Fitzhugh will also lead a lecture on modern composition for the recorder and the use of extended techniques. Further details here. (Note that you will need to join ARS to download the music for this event).

American Recorder Society

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