Amherst Early Music Festival

Check out the great classes and concerts being offered starting this Saturday as part of the Amherst Early Music Festival Online! New to the AEM Online classes is the chance to attend classes and listen to concerts on your own time. Class recordings will be available for one week after the class, and concerts will be available until August 10th.

For the recorder players receiving this email, below is a list of recorder-specific events, but there are many more classes that are open to recorder players.

Frances will be teaching a class with Melika Fitzhugh, and I will be hosting several classes. We hope to see you at the AEM Festival Online!


Recorder-specific Classes at the Amherst Early Music Festival Online 2021

All times are Eastern Daylight Time

Monday July 19
1:00 pm Dorothee Oberlinger no. 1

Tuesday July 20
1:00 pm Sarah Jeffery

Wednesday July 21
1:00 pm Dorothee Oberlinger no. 2

Thursday July 22
11:00 am Saskia Coolen
1:00 pm Tabea Debus

Friday July 23
1:00 pm Gwyn Roberts
3:00 pm Frances Blaker and Melika Fitzhugh

Recorder Concerts at the Amherst Early Music Festival Online 2021

Sunday July 18

1:00 pm Saskia Coolen and Han Tol, recorders

Lots of other wonderful concerts with larger ensembles – check them out at

See class descriptions and link to register here:

Letitia Berlin
Amherst Early Music Festival
AEM Online Team

Dear Letitia,

We’re thrilled to introduce new faculty members Tabea Debus, recorder, and Sam Stadlen, viol, to the upcoming AEM Festival. Join their classes and find out what these new voices have to say!
NEW THIS SUMMER, hear a concert when it airs or watch it later! Attend an online class when it airs OR watch the class recording anytime in the following week! You can customize your Festival experience!

Sign up now and join us!
Marilyn Boenau, Executive Director

Tabea Debus is a fabulous German recorder player, student of Michael Schneider and Pamela Thorby, who is based in London. The Times calls her “a charismatic virtuoso.” She has 5 CDs to her credit. Her 2020 US debut tour was cancelled due to Covid, but we can expect to hear her in the US in the coming months. Check out her playing on her website at, and join her on Thursday, July 22, at 1:00 for her class in the Festival here.

See Tabea Debus videos here!

Sam Stadlen, viol, is a member of Fretwork and is Viol Consort Professor at the Royal College of Music in London. He is a specialist on the influence of poetry and declamation on the pieces de violes of the late 17th century. His website has music-minus-one options for a variety of consort and Baroque music files. We’re thrilled to have him in the Festival this summer, and can’t wait for you to meet him in class on Tuesday, July 20 at 1:00! Sign up here.

See videos with Sam Stadlen here!

We can’t wait to share our fabulous online concert series with you! This year, we’ve upped our game: high-quality video and audio will make you feel like you’re in the room, hearing the concerts live. Income from ticket sales goes directly to the 30+ musicians and 10 producers/videographers/audio engineers. If money is tight for you, take advantage of our low-budget option.
(Meg Owens, oboe, pictured left)

Sunday, July 18 Saskia Coolen and Han Tol – virtuosic recorder duets
Monday, July 19 Seven Times Salt with Michael Barrett – 17th c. English
Tuesday, July 20 Texas Early Music Project – the Decameron
Thursday, July 22 Alkemie – Medieval music and dance
Friday, July 23 Kleine Kammermusik – Baroque chamber music
Saturday, July 24 Andrew Lawrence-King, Medieval and Baroque harps

Click here to watch the YouTube Concert Preview!
Need concert tickets? Click here!

SIGN UP NOW for Online classes! You can even sign up for two classes at the same time, and watch one or both of them later! Our spectacular international faculty is ready to inspire and delight you. Check out the offerings – along with your favorite classes, you can watch a master class or even take a class for an instrument you don’t play. Sing, dance, play, learn, and have fun with the Amherst Early Music community of musicians and dancers!
Music is available and the CLASS INFO EMAILS are going out! If you’ve signed up for an online class, we’ve sent you an email with the subject Your FESTIVAL SCHEDULE with CLASS LINKS – Save this email! You can find a link to your classes and all of the free events in this email.

NEW! Videos of the classes will be available to view for 7 days after each class. If you can’t attend at class time, just sign up normally, we’ll post the link to the recording the following day for each class. Concerts will be available to view online after their premieres until August 10.

Click here to see the SCHEDULE of all the ONLINE CLASSES, and for complete DESCRIPTIONS, click here!

Questions? Please email or call us!

Online Festival Faculty

Julie Andrijeski Baroque violin
Benjamin Bagby voice
Julianne Baird voice
Annette Bauer early notation
Martha Bishop viol
Frances Blaker recorder, composer
Geoffrey Burgess Baroque oboe
Wen Chen Baroque Academy
Karen Cook recorder, early notation
Saskia Coolen recorder
Loire Cotler voice
Sarah Cunningham viol
Tabea Debus recorder
Pamela Dellal voice
Xavier Diaz-Latorre lute, theorbo
Bruce Dickey cornetto
Emily Eagen voice
Melika Fitzhugh recorder, composer
Brad Foster English Country Dance
Alison Gangler shawm

Arthur Haas harpsichord
Valerie Horst recorder, early notation
Julie Iwasa dance
Sarah Jeffery recorder
Shira Kammen vielle
Lawrence Lipnik viol
Daphna Mor recorder
Gene Murrow English Country Dance
Emily O’Brien recorder
Dorothee Oberlinger recorder
Dorothy Olsson dance
Patricia Petersen recorder
Wendy Powers recorder
Gwyn Roberts flute, recorder
Lawrence Rosenwald texts
Sam Stadlen viol
Peter Sykes harpsichord
Nancy Thym harp
Kent Tritle voice
Glen Velez percussion
Wouter Verschuren dulcian
Brent Wissick viol
In-Person Sessions
Festival Faculty

Jane Hershey viol
Michael Barrett vocal ensemble
Na’ama Lion Baroque flute
Sarah Cantor recorder
Daniel Stillman louds
Liza Malamut louds

Patricia Ann Neely viol

John Mark Rozendaal viol
Deborah Booth recorder
Valerie Horst recorder

Sarah Cunningham viol
Rainer Beckmann recorder
Gwyn Roberts recorder

AEM ONLINE FESTIVAL CLASSESchoose from over 40 classes taught by an international faculty!
Get your tickets now for concerts with Saskia Coolen and Han Tol, Seven Times Salt, Texas Early Music Project, Alkemie, Kleine Kammermusik, and Andrew Lawrence-King! Concerts will be followed by a brief Q&A with the artists.
Lecture, Music and Instrument Exhibition, Auction, and Baroque Academy events are free for everyone! Learn more here!
Learn about the rich historical context of the songs and the crucial role of the storyteller in the middle ages.
We look forward to seeing you at the Festival, and in-person, soon!
Marilyn Boenau
Amherst Early Music
Phone: 781-488-3337
Email: info
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Amherst Early Music Inc | 35 Webster Street, West Newton, MA 02465
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Kathryn is a freelance writer, musician, and Latin tutor based in the Sierra foothills. She enjoys performing and teaching early music on recorder and flute.

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