☘️ Meeting 3/17/21 with John Tyson and Miyuki Tsurutani!

Dear SFRS and SRS Members,

Hello, and welcome. Below are the details for our upcoming chapter meeting on Wednesday, March 17. This month we have a very special pair of teachers: John Tyson and Miyuki Tsurutani who will play live with us from their home in Cambridge, MA. Please go to the SFRS webpage linked here and read their biographies: This Month’s Conductor

John and Miyuki will play two lines of the repertoire on recorder and for some pieces on harpsichord – giving us a very unusual opportunity to play in virtual consort with these talented professionals.


Remember, this is for you! Play like no one’s listening (because we aren’t!). Selections 1 and 2 are from Serpent Publications and are notated without barlines. This may be a delightful challenge (and not as difficult as you might think). If you play only soprano, you may read the tenor voice on any piece and get just as much enjoyment from it.

  1. Fowre armes, two neckes, one wreathing – Thomas Weelkes (c. 1576-1623) AAT of SST: 1-pg parts
  2. Amy souffrez – attributed to Pierre Moulu (1484-c.1550))STB: 1-pg parts or 3-pg score (+ STB parts with divisions)
  3. Sinfonia und Gagiarda “Narciso” – Salomon Rossi (1587-1628) – SSATB: two 1-pg scores (print both)
  4. Umlanjana (Small Stream) – Sören Sieg – AT: 3-pg score
  5. Aria – Giovanni Battista Bononcini (1670-c.1750) – AA or AT + harpsichord: 1-pg score
  6. Jenny’s Babee – trad. Irish melody arr. by Clark Kimberling – ATT or AAT: 3-pg score (for St. Paddy’s Day ☘️)

Please note: John and Miyuki will have adjusted their audio levels so they can be heard clearly while you are playing. You may need to adjust the volume on your device according to your preference.

Print all the parts you’d like to play at the meeting. John and Miyuki will not be screen sharing. Attached is all the music for each piece – in score and/or contiguous parts.

The usual details of when and where for Wednesday’s meeting:

When: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 from 7:30 to 9:00 PM

Where: In the comfort of your own living room, den, garden shed, office, house boat, kitchen, garage, camper van, or studio! Please visit the San Francisco chapter website for the link and payment information. 

When you visit our SFRS website, you will find information about our conductors, chapter news, the membership application form, and more. Be sure to refresh your screen so you are not seeing an old page (devices have cache memory and often bring up what’s stored from your previous visit): arssanfrancisco.org You’ll be glad to know that the SFRS website is certified with an SSL and is secure.

Very Special Thanks to all who continue to support our chapter, for your membership and participation, and for your love and enthusiasm for the recorder. We are eager to see you Wednesday online, but we really can’t wait to see you in person again, and meet at our San Francisco home, Christ Church Lutheran on 20th Ave at Quintara. We miss playing at Sunday services there very much and send our fond regards to the congregation and Pastors Tom McQueen and Lyle Beckman.

Attachments: The Music: Six glorious pieces that have been carefully curated for our meeting.

Thank you!
See you on the 17th.

Greta Haug-Hryciw

SFRS President
ARS Board of Directors


1 – Weelkes – Fowre arms, two necks – AAT or SST.pdf

6 – Kimberling – Jenny’s Babee – AAT or ATT.pdf

4 – Sieg – Umlanjana – AT.pdf

2 – Moulu – Amy souffrez – STB.pdf

5 – Bononcini – Aria .pdf

3 – Rossi – Sinfonia-Narciso – SSATB.pdf

Author: 1womanretreat

Kathryn is a freelance writer, musician, and Latin tutor based in the Sierra foothills. She enjoys performing and teaching early music on recorder and flute.

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